What is the best strategy for SEO?

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What is the Best Strategy for SEO?

In this article we learned about what is the best strategy for SEO to rank our website.In digital marketing SEO is the most important technique where you rank your website in the first search page.

If your website is in first rank then you will get much more benefits specially you get organic traffic.so here you will get best strategy of SEO.

What is SEO?


SEO is nothing but Search Engine Optimization. It’s nothing but optimizing your website relevance and increasing the authority of solving user queries.

SEO is one of the techniques that we can use in our digital marketing field to get more traffic on our website.All of this traffic is free of cost and we don’t  have to pay for it.

SEO is just like an asset which is going forward.We get constant traffic forever from this.

In the above definition “Solving user queries” is the most important keyword,meaning that SEO is not just optimizing your website but it also solves your user queries.When you are solving your user queries then the entire SEO becomes much stronger .

Before we go into details of SEO first we understand how Search Engines work..

How Search Engines Work?


Here is the Search Engine that does most of the job for you..that’s why you need to understand why and how search engines work.

Here i explained it in 3 simple step

  1. Crawling: All google robots or we call its as google crawlers they go out to world wide web or internet and find all of website and take all of content either its new or its updated content they take all of this records 
  2. Indexing: try to understand What the content is about? What is the context behind your content? Next, try to organize it.

      3. Ranking: Based on result and relevancy and other 200 signals it’s going to rank our website.

Here we focused on 3 most important Factors

  1)Relevancy                                     2)Authority                                                   3)User signal

All 200 signals they all mainly fall under these 3 more important categories.

The 2 important tools where we can check user behaviours and all of thus are

1)Google Analytics:

Google Analytics gives you an overview  like where the traffic is coming from and how user behaviour in your website.


2) Google Search Console

The Search console gives you very clear statistics about the organic data that’s coming into your website.

What is a keyword?


This is the first step towards approaching SEO projects.then what are keywords?

Keywords are nothing but user queries, whatever the words or  phrases that user put in the search engine.This are called as user queries while it comes to SEO we call it as keywords.

Basically there are 3 types of keyword

  • One word keyword like SEO, HIIT
  • Two to three word phrases like “SEO tool”,” SEO online”
  • Four word phrases like “most popular SEO internship  Program”

Here you have to understand that one word keywords are always very high competition and popular while Two to three word phrases are medium competition and popular and is enough volume.

When you come to Four plus word phrases like “Most popular SEO internship program” this is very less volume but at the same time this gets very less competition.

Out of this all 3 types of keywords, 3rd one Four plus word phrases are High user intent.


Search Commercial intent funnel:

1)Informational and Navigational Content: Its search volume is 80 to 90% while the competition is very low

2) Research and Discovery kind of content: It has enough volume and medium competition.

3)Purchase and transactional intent keywords:these are very less volume like 1 to 5% but competition is super high.

While you build your blog from scratch then better you target informational and Navigational content.start ranking for it getting enough traffic if the volume is 2000 or 3000 don’t worry about that.Once you start ranking for it after  your website  automatically build authority.

After that you can move to the 2nd stage which is research and discovery then start ranking for it.

Then you can move to the purchase stage then only you can rank for the purchase intent keyword that’s where the money lies.

If you directly go to purchase intent keywords you don’t get any success

For informational content what? how? and why?kind of keywords we can use.

For example, What is the HIIT program?

  How does the HIIT program work?

Why is the HIIT program very important?

All of this is informational in nature,the person who types this kind of user queries wants to know more about the product or services, here the user not looking for very specific or not looking for any brand keyword, user only looking for how this thing works.

Once you start ranking for all this keywords you have build that authority for google to say that my website is good enough

For research and discovery content Here the person wants to know if this is a solution to my problem.Here  the user wants to know the specific product or services which may help to solve his or her problem.

For example Best SEO internship Program.

        HIIT SEO course review..

        HIIT SEO course vs Other SEO course .

Here the user does more research on that product or service which is like a review base or comparison base.

Here you need to understand user customer journey in this particular way only then you will be able to rank.

You follow this method then your website will stay on the first page for a longer period of time.

For Purchase content category Here the user already got to know the solution to their problem and user already knows what kind of product or services which will help to come out for the problem.

Now the user’s intent is to go and buy the product or services like make the transaction.

For example Purchase HIIT Internship program.

You are building the new blog then this is the exact way to approach a new SEO keyword. 

What to target First?

Informational – High volume and less competition

Research and discovery – Enough volume and medium competition

Purchase – Less volume and high competition

How to do keyword research?

1.Brainstorm a list of topic ideas.

2.Find the seed keyword.

3.Choose a primary keyword

4.Find a Secondary and LSI Keyword and segregate them.

Now What you should do is make a list of topics.My blog is Digital marketing here i list topics  and i picked up top 10 digital marketer in india .

If I type “Top 10 digital marketer in India” According to me Its volume is 200 to 300 because of its very long tail keyword,because longer or more words in the particular keyword there is always a lesser volume.And also the keyword research tool does not provide any suggestion because I am  using the long tail keyword.

One thing to remember about any keyword research tool  is to always add one more  seed keyword and then it will give you suggestions. If you have already given a long tail keyword then it can not give you enough suggestions.

So cut off your long tail keyword and give only the seed keyword like in my long tail keyword. I am using a seed keyword like “digital marketer”which is important in my long tail keyword.

Once you search for a “digital marketer” keyword the keyword research tool adds one or two seed keywords to a particular keyword and gives suggestions on them.

But according to me the “digital marketer” keyword is not enough user intent. Instead of that, what I should do is I will change the key words like  “Digital marketer in india” which will increase the user intent.

So “Digital marketer in india” is my Primary keyword and then make a list of all the other keywords which have enough volume.

Here, always look for the easiest keyword that you want to target and once you rank for this particular keyword ,over time your website builds an authority and at the same time other high competition keywords are also ranked automatically.

So don’t go beyond impressing the search engine instead of that go behind impressing the users.

Once a user enjoys the content in your web pages or if the user spends a good amount of time on your website then google understands that the content in particular website is very informative.

Then list all the Keywords and put it on google sheet.

Here some types of keywords always increase the context of your content…for example how to prepare cold coffee? Or a cold coffee recipe?

Here if i start to include keywords like coffee filter or coffee beans or water or ice these keywords automatically increase the context of my keyword.

If I write How to prepare cold coffee using a coffee filter? Then my website automatically ranks…

Because Google understands that these keywords are a better context of my article.Google understands your content better so whenever a user types a different query in your primary keyword it’s still going to show your website as a result.

In a more clear way if you are targeting weight loss as your primary keyword then google includes Fat loss as LSI keyword that gives an idea about what kind of content you have.

If somebody goes and type Fatloss your website is still ranking.

Very important thing from your SEO point of view is Keep creating content on your website.

Anyway, all the best for your SEO journey If you have any doubt please mention it in the comment.i will put much more content regarding digital marketing in future.

Thank you 


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