Importance of Content Marketing

The importance of Content marketing 

Importance  of content  marketing:

Today content can play a vital role in social media. if your content is not up to the mark then you loss very big scale of potential customers.So in this article we discussed about the importance of the content marketing and we also discussed about what kind of strategy we can used in content marketing.If you understand the importance of content marketing then you are able to use effectively the digital platform.

If you want to know depth of content marketing importance then  go through the entire article…

importance of content marketing


Before we go in depth, First you understand the meaning of content marketing,

What is content marketing?

” content marketing is nothing but a strategic marketing approach which will mainly focus on creating most important and valuable content and distribute it to  the particular targeted audience”.

I hope you can understand the meaning of content marketing.we move for further discussion,

As you know content is one of the major parts of digital marketing.without content we are not able to promote our business.content can create one of the strong foundations for your business.

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As you know, the internet is a powerful tool. If your content is effective and outstanding then it will reach millions of peoples in the world.

When i say something about content on a digital platform it means content is like a water bottle and we can use it for different purposes.But before that you have to invest some valuable time for it and create very effective content which is very important.

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Evergreen content, are you heard about this? Evergreen content is that kind of content where the value of that content will not lose for a long period of time.

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This kind of content always helps you to get traffic for your website and at the same time it will help you to impress the targeted audience. 

But for that you should work like smarter…

Hey are you heard about salma jafri quote “create less,promote more”,The essence of this quote is instead of work hard, better work smarter. the same theory you should apply here.

For that you should  understand the audience mentality  and think like audience point of view…

Importance of content marketing

Audience absorbs information differently:

importance of content marketing

Every person sees the surrounding world in a different point of view. The same thing we see on online platforms also.

Some one will provide  better information through their blog article but some one will give small snippet information for their audience.

So re purposing your content with other platforms so you will get potential audience from those platforms.

Re purpose content is nothing but the duplicate content instead of that just freshens the existing content and gives a new angle or fresh opinion about present topics.

According to the research there is 29% of content in online it’s duplicate search engines have the right to penalize  your website but only if your content contains a huge number of  plagiarized copy that can be used in a manipulative manner.

So re purposing content is trying to increase the awareness of your brand and that means you are not violating any guidelines.

I hope you understand it…Then we move further and understand how content marketing will help you in many aspects.For that first we find the answer for the below questions like,

How Content marketing helps for business or services? 

In the above question there are some sub questions, so i will give you some valuable answers for those..

How content marketing is importance for solves traffic problems?

importance of content marketing

Most of the content writers worry a little bit about the traffic.For that problem better solution is content marketing.

 A well researched and well written content will  help you to improve the ranking in search results.if your content is high quality then it will attract the back links and it will improve the search engine ranking.

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write ,publish and promote a lot more blog posts and articles.don’t worry about the traffic,Content attracts the traffic.

 How content marketing importance for Lead generation?

importance of content marketing

Lead generation is one of the important aspects of any business. It may be B 2 B or it may be B 2 C business.

If you are selling low quality of product/service or you sell low cost products or services then I don’t think you may require lead generation.

If you are interested in increasing your lead then content marketing will help you for it.

Right lead magnet will help you to increase your visitors and it will help you to increase the conversion rate also. So good content is one of the best lead magnets.

If your content is more informative and valuable then customers easily provide you their contact information.They trust on your product or services.

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You can create eBooks,small videos,checklists,webinars for the audience which will help you to increase your leads.

How content marketing is importance for Audience Engagement?

importance of content marketing

If you are creating a good customer avatar and you know what the audience expects from you. A quality content that will always help readers to engage with your article’s.

Your audience reads your article because your article helps them to solve the problem and also they get more valuable information from your content. If they are paying attention to your article then they are a more valuable audience and they are ready to pay money for your services.

Content is a more important factor for audience attention and audience attention can play a key role in marketing.


How content marketing importance for increase the conversion rates?

If your landing page doesn’t give you valuable conversion, If your conversion rate is not up to the mark then content marketing will help you to overcome that problem.

For that first you have to understand what kind of problems your audience is facing and try to give them valuable solutions. For this your conversion rates will go up.

How content marketing will help you to build a brand?

importance of content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best fields where you can build your brand.For that you focus on your content that will help your audience to solve their problems.For that your audience will  trusts your services or products.

As we  see above, how content marketing will help you to grow your business effectively but that affects not only for your business but it will also have a positive impact on your professional life.

You can become a content marketer and you can build your own brand in that field.


Are you interested in building your career as content marketer!

Then go ahead,Because there is huge demand for content writers and content marketer in companies and businesses. 


As a content marketer, how is your feature?

This kind of question will arise in your mind right,but don’t worry, before 200 years ago content can play a very important role. Now also content can play a very important role,only the format of the content will be changed.

So don’t bother about your career as content marketer.Let’s go a little bit deeper and understand the content marketing more effectively…

As we know without any strategy, success or failure is just by luck.and whatever you take risk behind the scene is totally waste.But most of the people don’t know what kind of content marketing strategy will work effectively?

Most of the people want to know about what kind of content marketing  strategy helps to grow the business. So in this article we discussed it.

Important steps to create content marketing strategy:


Step 1: First set your mission and goals:

importance of content marketing

For content marketing strategy first you want to create a mission statement. This statement will help you what is important and what is not important, based on that you can easily track content marketing strategy.A mission statement will provide you standard track for your content marketing strategy.

That mission statement contains 1) targeted audience, 2) your content, and 3) the benefit they will get from your content.

In a content marketing mission statement you will define the targeted audience,here you will  highlight the benefits of your content and also you will highlight the coverage of your content.

In a mission statement you think about what your targeted audience gets from your content marketing strategy at the same time you think about what your business gets from it.

 At this particular time you think about your business goals.some of the typical goals are

  • improving revenue as a result of content marketing strategy. 
  • improve your sales and getting quality leads that will help you to reach your revenue goals.
  • getting more traffic to your websites, when traffic is very high then there’s more possibilities to achieve more goals.
  • S E O success which will help you for more traffic.

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Step 2: Know your audience:

To become a good content marketing strategy you have to understand who your target audience is very clearly.based on that you can create right content for them.

Here you will use demographic data.for that you first collect demographic data on your visitors,subscribers and social media followers.Web analytics, social media analytics, email subscriber analytics will give you standard demographic data.

Age , gender ,education , income are important demographic data you collect from your audience.

So i hope you got a clear idea about content marketing strategy.

For using this strategy are you become better content marketer? my Answer is NO…

For That you have to understand  some certain skills which i mentioned below just go through it…

How to become a better content marketer?

   This is one of the most important and common doubts in every one. For that, 7 serious skills is very important.


1)For good content marketer  you should be passionate about your Niche:

Passion is one of the important things where you can not make it fake.most of the time this passion will help you to create wonderful content, at the same time it will break your content.

When you are passionate about your niche,then your audience will start to feel what you feel and they will start to believe what you believe. So it will build a strong relation between you and your audience.

2)For good content marketer you should become an expert editor:

For better content marketer first you should become a better editor. If you create any content for a blog post first you understand how your reader consumes that content from the online.Based on that you will start editing the content.

After completing the creation of content you better try to read it and search if there are any opportunities to a

dd fresh content like images, subheading or break up paragraphs.

3)For good content marketer you should become good researcher:

As a content marketer if you want to provide valuable information to your target audience then you should become a very good researcher.

These research will help you to put more value to your content and it will attract your audience as well.

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4)For a good content marketer you will have good knowledge about S E O and inbound.

importance of content marketing

importance of content marketing

To ensure your content is found and get higher rank in S E R P, for that you better understand the Search Engine Optimization S E O and inbound marketing.

Here you will need to learn how to write the meta description and meta tags and understand the importance of heading ,subheading and unique URL.

Always remember you are  writing for the people not for search engine optimization.for that you always give first importance to the audience.

5)For good content marketer you should have better knowledge about social media platform:

importance of content marketing

Being a better content marketer it’s not all about creating effective and killer content. At the same time you should learn about how your content will effectively be distributed to your customer avatar is also important. For that you should better understand the social media platform deeply.

You should learn how to promote your posts, presentations and videos in social media platforms.

In social media you should always monitor online conversation in real time and respond to your audience in a timely and effective manner.

These are the few points which will help you to become a very good content marketer…

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) what people want to know and i will explain it in short as below…

importance of content marketing

What is content Marketing?(importance of content marketing)

Content marketing is one of the marketing strategies where you will create more valuable and effective content of your product or services and you should distribute it to the targeted audience and ultimately, to drive  profitable customer action.

Does content marketing work?(importance of content marketing)

Of course! If you don’t have any content then how should you promote your product or content can play a crucial part in your business.

How content marketing helps address our target audience throughout the customer purchase journey?(importance of content marketing)

The main point of this question is how content should be used. Here content will maintain the positive feeling about your product or services in your audiences. It will strengthen your customer lifetime value.

 How can I use  content marketing to increase the brand?(importance of content marketing)

Definitely you can use content marketing to increase your brand. For that first you can make sure of the quality of the content you provide to your audience. Based on that you can create your own brand.

How does content marketing drive revenues?(importance of content marketing)

According to the researcher content marketing R O I is much more effective as compared to the average marketing R O I.So there is no doubt about content marketing is one of the best tools to drive revenue to your  business or services.

 How much is it going to cost?(importance of content marketing)

Most of the marketers who have little experience in content marketing think that creating content is too expensive for their company.

But  the reality they don’t know, reality is whatever they pay for content creation more than that they earn from that valuable content.

As a content marketer what kind of goal will I set?(importance of content marketing)

The goal of the content marketer is very simple, first you build your brand awareness by personalizing your brand. You can increase traffic  to your website by using S E O friendly keywords.

I hope you will get a lot of information regarding Content Marketing…

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I  hope you can understand how much important role content marketing can play in business or marketing or services. If your content is good then you can easily convince your customer avatar for your product or services.

 Content should be considered the king of Digital marketing.

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So wait for next beautiful and informative article,until than take care