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Nature Friendly farmland in Bangalore City...

Spend precious time with nature, Pick Fruits and vegitables from your own organic farms and plants…Watch sun hiding behind the mountain…Wake up to the chirping birds…

16 Acres sustainable farmland surrounded by pictursque farmland… Excellent place for spend vacation time with your beautiful family…

Buy a small plot for yourself and build your own vacation home or just make your own organic plantation. If hiring one of the local vacation cottage builders to build a low-cost vacation home sounds too much for you, you can always stay in one of the rental homes available. Enjoy your vacation home in a Farmland project close to Bangalore

Come and visit Divine Euphoria, a place where you can be as naughty as your kid. Chase the hens or chase the baby goats. No one will scold you. Climb the trees but don’t pluck the fruits unless it is on your own plot

Climb the trees but don’t pluck the fruits, unless it is on your own plot.

Feed the fish but don’t catch them, unless the pond is on your own backyard. 

It’s true – you can own your own pond and raise fish.


Explore the mesmerizing beauty of nature!!!

Build your own vacation cottage in the midst of a secured and gated Farmland in Bangalore city!!!

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