What is the best strategy for SEO?

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What is the Best Strategy for SEO?

In this article we learned about what is the best strategy for SEO to rank our website.In digital marketing SEO is the most important technique where you rank your website in the first search page.

If your website is in first rank then you will get much more benefits specially you get organic traffic.so here you will get best strategy of SEO.

What is SEO?


SEO is nothing but Search Engine Optimization. It’s nothing but optimizing your website relevance and increasing the authority of solving user queries.

SEO is one of the techniques that we can use in our digital marketing field to get more traffic on our website.All of this traffic is free of cost and we don’t  have to pay for it.

SEO is just like an asset which is going forward.We get constant traffic forever from this.

In the above definition “Solving user queries” is the most important keyword,meaning that SEO is not just optimizing your website but it also solves your user queries.When you are solving your user queries then the entire SEO becomes much stronger .

Before we go into details of SEO first we understand how Search Engines work..

How Search Engines Work?


Here is the Search Engine that does most of the job for you..that’s why you need to understand why and how search engines work.

Here i explained it in 3 simple step

  1. Crawling: All google robots or we call its as google crawlers they go out to world wide web or internet and find all of website and take all of content either its new or its updated content they take all of this records 
  2. Indexing: try to understand What the content is about? What is the context behind your content? Next, try to organize it.

      3. Ranking: Based on result and relevancy and other 200 signals it’s going to rank our website.

Here we focused on 3 most important Factors

  1)Relevancy                                     2)Authority                                                   3)User signal

All 200 signals they all mainly fall under these 3 more important categories.

The 2 important tools where we can check user behaviours and all of thus are

1)Google Analytics:

Google Analytics gives you an overview  like where the traffic is coming from and how user behaviour in your website.


2) Google Search Console

The Search console gives you very clear statistics about the organic data that’s coming into your website.

What is a keyword?


This is the first step towards approaching SEO projects.then what are keywords?

Keywords are nothing but user queries, whatever the words or  phrases that user put in the search engine.This are called as user queries while it comes to SEO we call it as keywords.

Basically there are 3 types of keyword

  • One word keyword like SEO, HIIT
  • Two to three word phrases like “SEO tool”,” SEO online”
  • Four word phrases like “most popular SEO internship  Program”

Here you have to understand that one word keywords are always very high competition and popular while Two to three word phrases are medium competition and popular and is enough volume.

When you come to Four plus word phrases like “Most popular SEO internship program” this is very less volume but at the same time this gets very less competition.

Out of this all 3 types of keywords, 3rd one Four plus word phrases are High user intent.


Search Commercial intent funnel:

1)Informational and Navigational Content: Its search volume is 80 to 90% while the competition is very low

2) Research and Discovery kind of content: It has enough volume and medium competition.

3)Purchase and transactional intent keywords:these are very less volume like 1 to 5% but competition is super high.

While you build your blog from scratch then better you target informational and Navigational content.start ranking for it getting enough traffic if the volume is 2000 or 3000 don’t worry about that.Once you start ranking for it after  your website  automatically build authority.

After that you can move to the 2nd stage which is research and discovery then start ranking for it.

Then you can move to the purchase stage then only you can rank for the purchase intent keyword that’s where the money lies.

If you directly go to purchase intent keywords you don’t get any success

For informational content what? how? and why?kind of keywords we can use.

For example, What is the HIIT program?

  How does the HIIT program work?

Why is the HIIT program very important?

All of this is informational in nature,the person who types this kind of user queries wants to know more about the product or services, here the user not looking for very specific or not looking for any brand keyword, user only looking for how this thing works.

Once you start ranking for all this keywords you have build that authority for google to say that my website is good enough

For research and discovery content Here the person wants to know if this is a solution to my problem.Here  the user wants to know the specific product or services which may help to solve his or her problem.

For example Best SEO internship Program.

        HIIT SEO course review..

        HIIT SEO course vs Other SEO course .

Here the user does more research on that product or service which is like a review base or comparison base.

Here you need to understand user customer journey in this particular way only then you will be able to rank.

You follow this method then your website will stay on the first page for a longer period of time.

For Purchase content category Here the user already got to know the solution to their problem and user already knows what kind of product or services which will help to come out for the problem.

Now the user’s intent is to go and buy the product or services like make the transaction.

For example Purchase HIIT Internship program.

You are building the new blog then this is the exact way to approach a new SEO keyword. 

What to target First?

Informational – High volume and less competition

Research and discovery – Enough volume and medium competition

Purchase – Less volume and high competition

How to do keyword research?

1.Brainstorm a list of topic ideas.

2.Find the seed keyword.

3.Choose a primary keyword

4.Find a Secondary and LSI Keyword and segregate them.

Now What you should do is make a list of topics.My blog is Digital marketing here i list topics  and i picked up top 10 digital marketer in india .

If I type “Top 10 digital marketer in India” According to me Its volume is 200 to 300 because of its very long tail keyword,because longer or more words in the particular keyword there is always a lesser volume.And also the keyword research tool does not provide any suggestion because I am  using the long tail keyword.

One thing to remember about any keyword research tool  is to always add one more  seed keyword and then it will give you suggestions. If you have already given a long tail keyword then it can not give you enough suggestions.

So cut off your long tail keyword and give only the seed keyword like in my long tail keyword. I am using a seed keyword like “digital marketer”which is important in my long tail keyword.

Once you search for a “digital marketer” keyword the keyword research tool adds one or two seed keywords to a particular keyword and gives suggestions on them.

But according to me the “digital marketer” keyword is not enough user intent. Instead of that, what I should do is I will change the key words like  “Digital marketer in india” which will increase the user intent.

So “Digital marketer in india” is my Primary keyword and then make a list of all the other keywords which have enough volume.

Here, always look for the easiest keyword that you want to target and once you rank for this particular keyword ,over time your website builds an authority and at the same time other high competition keywords are also ranked automatically.

So don’t go beyond impressing the search engine instead of that go behind impressing the users.

Once a user enjoys the content in your web pages or if the user spends a good amount of time on your website then google understands that the content in particular website is very informative.

Then list all the Keywords and put it on google sheet.

Here some types of keywords always increase the context of your content…for example how to prepare cold coffee? Or a cold coffee recipe?

Here if i start to include keywords like coffee filter or coffee beans or water or ice these keywords automatically increase the context of my keyword.

If I write How to prepare cold coffee using a coffee filter? Then my website automatically ranks…

Because Google understands that these keywords are a better context of my article.Google understands your content better so whenever a user types a different query in your primary keyword it’s still going to show your website as a result.

In a more clear way if you are targeting weight loss as your primary keyword then google includes Fat loss as LSI keyword that gives an idea about what kind of content you have.

If somebody goes and type Fatloss your website is still ranking.

Very important thing from your SEO point of view is Keep creating content on your website.

Anyway, all the best for your SEO journey If you have any doubt please mention it in the comment.i will put much more content regarding digital marketing in future.

Thank you 



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How social media help your business? Most of the businessman want know the answer for this question. As we know social media is one of the biggest platform in the world. almost billions of people use this platform personally. they share their personal data and all. If you don’t use this platform for your business then you are done very big mistake. So in this article not only you understand How social media help your business? but also you learn what kind of strategy you can used in social media platform to grow your business. so read the article carefully try to understand it and give me your feedback in comment section.


Agenda of this article:

  • Road less travel
  • Emerging social Network
  • Collapse of social Network
  • Own your Social Network
  • How to control your Network?
  • The hard truth
  • Social influence
  • Nurturing your Network
  • Create your own echo system
  • Increase your fan following


Hey Champs!!! 


Today in  this article I gave some different information about social media marketing. Here i am not telling you about tricks and tactics of using  social media marketing, instead of that i will tell you how you can use social media marketing for your business growth.



When you see your surrounding peoples or see what’s happening in marketing or what marketing experts say about the market… at that time you will try to observe one thing that’s nothing but  everyone looking for new things and new technology.

Just a few months before everybody talking about Tik Tok and most of the young generation use that app. Before that Instagram was one of the most popular platforms, before that Facebook was one of the most used platforms in the world.

Again we keep going back. We found Orkut or Google plus, these are some social media they present in the world.

But in the above you have to observe one common process, there you have to see constant distraction of the market, people are always looking for new and greatest things as well as people always use shortcuts.

But most of the time these shortcuts do not work well for the long term strategy.

If you are a businessman and if you want some sort of traffic from social media to your work, that traffic is temporary. It may remain in position for the next 6 month to 1 year or it may be high…but it will not help you to grow your business or your career.

So, for that ,if you are doing something new today that will give you a return next 10 year in the future.Thats how you have to think long term. 

For any business growth long term strategy is very important. For that you can use social media platforms as tools but don’t depend on them.

Using different social media you can create your own community or tribe and that tribe or community will help you for growing your business directly or indirectly. 

Once you create your community it will help you for the next 5 to 10 years for your future and your business also.



First we understand the Evolution of social media networks.

Myspace.com is the first social network and Email predates the internet so e-mail is the one which came first and then people started building the website one after another and then they started using personal computers .

The real revolution started when computers connected to the Phone,and from the phone we are using dial up connection through this we connected to the internet.so this system we can use for a long time.

But today there is a lot of evolution happening in the technology.when they launch Myspace.com, the creating website is not so easy at the same time connecting to people is also not so easy.

Here Businesses created pages in Myspace.com and other MySpace users followed them for updates.

After that Facebook came into the picture and made a better product. It will focus on connecting the peoples of the different parts of the world. Presently more than 2 billion people are active on Facebook right now.

After that businesses started creating pages on Facebook and there is lot’s of content put up in the Facebook for people attraction.

But the biggest problem with Facebook is when the number of the businesses increases using Facebook then the reach of every page decreases because of the limited amount of people using Facebook and limited amount of time people spent on Facebook.,so the amount of reach automatically goes down.

This is the biggest problem with all social media marketing and most of the businesses facing the similar problem in social media networking.

That’s why here we are discussing the collapse of social media marketing.



Presently there is organic traffic to your Facebook page and it is almost dead. If you regularly post on your Facebook page it will hardly reach 1 to 2 % of your followers only.

If your Facebook page followers are more that 1 million then your post reach only 1000 or 2000 then it’s really very less number as compared to your Facebook page followers.

Here you understand one thing whatever your Facebook followers are there they are not your user they are Facebook users.

 Here Facebook makes the decision to pass your content to the particular followers or not.so those followers are not your targeted audience.

It’s just like you built your dream home in some other land and he has full control over your dream home, the same scenario will happen on Facebook also.

So whatever the members in the social media network there are not your users even if you access those users.

In social media networks initially the reach is very high but after some certain period of time the reach goes down and you are not able to control it.

One of the best solutions for this is you have your own social network and you have full control and power on that network.



Most of the social media tips are very temporary so you are here to apply a long term strategy which will help you to grow your business in the next 5 or 10 or 20 years.

“Thinking long term is one of the best ways to beat the competition,because the entire competition is thinking in the short term” I always listen to this sentence from my mentor deepak kanakaraju which is very true.

Short term tricks and tips to getting traffic on social media is totally a waste of time instead of that if you focus on building your own tribes, your own social network or your own club which will help you much better for your business. 

Don’t be at the mercy of another platform to have access to your audience. 

Before you are going to build your own tribe understanding the tribe and understanding the social aspects of the tribe is very important.



If you depend on social networks for your traffic ,leads and customers then you are not in control of your future as well as your business future also.

Recently in India Tik tok was banned and most of the tik tok influence rs who had millions of followers who were making money from brand endorsement and some other ways suddenly their entire income dried up and they could not do anything.

So the same thing will happen in other social media networks also who knows the future? So don’t depend on any social media network.

You can use those social media networks to get more people into your own network.

If you need to control your  future then you need to control to  access your audience.

If any mediator exists between you and your audience then it’s not possible for you to control your audience and you are at the mercy of the mediator.

So instead of social media networks giving you audiences,customers or leads you just kept them in your own network.

If your Facebook group has 1 million followers then you are not able to reach all through the post because day by day Facebook changes their algorithm. 

One more thing you have to observe here is most of the people are spending more time in private networks rather than spending time on social media networks.

And also in Facebook there are a huge number of groups so people are always distracted and nowadays Facebook is even restricted to posting new things in your own group, just think how bad it is,you are  the admin of your group but you are not able to post regularly in your group because of the Facebook terms and policy.

So instead of this, better you can create your own platform and get those social media  members into your own platform.

Several startups  built their business model based on social media marketing, after some time the social media traffic will die because of changing the Facebook algorithm so it badly affects all those startups. The best example is “cure joy”.

Cure joy is the company who posts content related to Health on their website.Whenever they post new content they share it with their Facebook page which has a very large following.

Most of the traffic they got from Facebook and one fine day they stopped getting traffic from Facebook and for that  they removed lots of employees from the company which is a very painful process for them.

Most of the people are running behind the new platform which gives them traffic but they don’t think long term.

As a business owner if you want to build influence on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook there is no issue but what happens is you also get distracted and it’s not good for your productivity and also not good for your business.

First it was Myspace,then Orkut,then Google+,then four square,then Facebook,then Instagram,then Snap chat tomorrow there will be a new platform.Every Network will come and die,Engagement and reach always go down.

Feature people are using less social media platforms because there are niche networks that offer better quality of content and engagement.




If you watch the movie matrix then you understand the meaning of red fill.In that movie the blue fill means ‘you don’t want to know the truth’ ,if you take the blue fill you just wake up from your dream as if nothing has happened.

If you take the red fill then you know the truth like how the earth is built,what is the meaning of the matrix, how human beings are used for electricity by robots and all those things.

Better you take the red fill which  will give you hard truth but it’s more helpful.

The hard truth is’ you are not using social media ,social media using you’,especially other networks they are using you making you create content on their platform and growing their own user space ,selling it to their advertiser but finally you don’t get enough benefit from that.

In social media networks there are always 3 parties like social media network, advertiser ,content creators,and also audience who consume the content,here most of the content creators are also the consumers so i will call it as 3 parties.

Long back when there was no two way communication, at that time publications used to publish content it may be TV,Radio,Newspapers.

So people get more attention to this because content was published there and people pay attention to always content.

But today social media network is not different from the publication.Social media network instead of posting their own content they letting users publish their own content and they letting users contact within their platform,they just developed the technology and they still want advertisers to go and fund them.

Advertisers spend money for reaching the audience, so they spend a huge amount of money for reaching the people.So social media networks always prefer advertisers more than their users.

If you have an unlimited amount of money for advertising you just go ahead and keep advertising in the social media platform.You don’t need to create content and expect that the content going viral and people will discover that content automatically.

Apart from that you just go and pay the amount in social media to reach their audience.because at the end of the day we all want that reach,we all want people to click on our link,we all want people to come to our website.

Because we all need high traffic…

If you are a content creator and you want more engagement with your content from the people then you simply share your content with Facebook or other social media platforms.

content creator

But what happens is advertisers who pay money to Facebook for reaching people get more advantages, they get advantages from your build audience because they pay money to Facebook so instead of showing your content to your user Facebook shows advertiser content to your user.

That means you are not at the receiving end,if you are just a content creator and you post the content consistently in social media platforms without any funnel then you are on the losing side.

Here social media and advertisers get advantages without spending more time creating the content or nurturing the audience.

This is the biggest difference.

When you see the Tik Tok influence rs  or you tuber super hyper active people they spend more time in social media but they don’t spend time in creating a product, they don’t spend time on creating the funnel instead of that their only source of income is attention and advertising.

Most of the you tubers have millions of followers but that does not mean that they are rich because they don’t have a product to sell. Instead of creating the content or funnel they just  found the platforms and they start posting there,so they get more attention.

Here getting attention is nothing but you don’t have a product to sell, this is like hard truth. So don’t go in this path.

I already told you if you always depend on other websites for traffic,you will always lose in the long term because traffic cost keeps going up with time.

As we know traffic is the lifeblood for us!!!


The only way to get traffic is to build your own platform,own network,own blog, and most importantly build your email list that connects everything together.

If you have your own tribe or community ,fan base,loyal customers then you are able to stand out from the competition.

Your platform, your network will give you much more power as compared to social media.

When you empower the people, they empower you. Everyone wants to be part of your community,your tribe.

Remember the internet is the two way communication medium- not just between you and your followers also between your followers.  

Here your Email list is the central communication point and based on that you have to do everything around it.

When you start your network it will not be very big, but the show has to go on.

If you have small followers then you need to nurture them.without Nurturing them they will not bring you more followers.

One of the best marketing is word of mouth.

People are getting smarter and smarter as the year goes by. You can not sell a product only by advertising apart from that you have to build Brand and that brand is made up of customer happiness.

Only Customer Happiness builds the Brand,so don’t compromise with your product.

Here Advertising,Funnels,Branding are the only path to your network,Once people come to your network you will Nurture them and delight them.They will bring you new customers.

Brand is nothing but people talk about your product when you are not there.

You don’t focus on fame and popularity,you don’t want people’s attention focused on getting results for your tribe and network and you will grow slowly but strongly.



According to the Wikipedia Ecosystem is nothing but a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. 

Digital ecosystem means you have a set of products and you get a community of people to interact with each other and get value from each other. Here your product is the base.

For example Apple  has its own ecosystem: the i Mac,Mac Book pro,iPhone,iPad,Air pods and Apple watch all those items coming under the Apple Ecosystem. Then they have services like App store,iTunes,Apple Fitness,Apple TV and so on. 

Here product sells the services and services sells the products.

That’s how the entire ecosystem works.

Whenever you create  your digital ecosystem, your blog,your tribe, your other products will work in sync to  complement each other.



Once you build a strong community and tribe then you share your secret without holding back.Its about the execution, it’s about the marketing position,so don’t hesitate.

For a long time,you will be the central driving force for your network.Your tribe will follow you, respect you and get inspired by you.

So this means that you also become a better person not just in terms of your business,in terms of your attitude, in terms of your character, in terms of your goals ,in terms of your good personality,you  need to  have a good relationship, that’s why you inspired people.

You need to grow as a person to inspire people,in all areas of your life,relationship,fitness and your career.

You have to share all your secrets about your business and you have to  understand the size of the market. At that time you had no competition  because you shared too much.

Action takers do not need secrets because they will find out the secret anyway.but you can accelerate their success and get paid for it.

That’s how you become a ‘Natural Leader’.


digital prashantk.com

When we talk about the media or tribe building then people worry about which platform I should build my tribe?Which blogging platform I put my content on?Which social media platform should I put my content on?

But it’s not as important as the message and the audience. 

When your message is more powerful , the channel will make way…

No matter how much noise there is in the social media platform, if you create a very powerful message then that message will go everywhere.If your brand is powerful or your message is powerful then it automatically creates its own way.

When people focus too much on the channel,they lose focus on their message.and they lose focus on their audience that is getting the message.

People change their content strategy according to the channel.

They post videos on you tube,memes on Facebook,Motivational message on Linked in,Cute looking Photos on Instagram.

All these things can work but it’s a bridge to your network where you have content that is deeper and life changing.

Can you change someone’s life using social media messages? The answer is ‘no’, life changing content is always deep,personal,long and makes you think.

Focus on deep content creation and your audience.



As a creator you don’t need millions of fans and followers.Generally a lot of people who had Instagram influence or YouTube influence be pay attention to them only when they are million or 2 million followers.

But the reality is that if the person is only a YouTube video creator or Instagram influence even if that person has millions of followers you can not make a significant amount of revenue from it,because only money that person makes is through advertisement or brand endorsement.

If you are a creator, you have your own product and your own funnel or back end product.


At that time you don’t need millions of fans or followers and this is something much more reachable and accessible to most of the people including you. 

Here you just need 1000 dedicated fans who will be ready to pay you for the content you create.This 1000 fans will be your regular followers and they will buy whatever you sell for them. 

They will travel to meet you in meetups and they will buy all the versions of your products.

You need to nurture them and keep them happy. They will refer you to other people beyond your core tribe.

If you have 1000 fans who will pay you 10000 per year then you will be able to earn 1 crore per year in revenue consistently.

This number does not look like a big number most of the creators who go behind Instagram or YouTube and try to make money using the internet and try to create like an online business,but they actually are not very confident to create a product or services which can be sold at 10000 rupees.

So most of the creators instead of increasing the value of product or services they just concentrate on getting more fans and followers.

It seems easy in initial stages but it’s become very difficult in the long term.

When you look at the lot of YouTube creators who have like millions subscribers,if they publish brand new videos they hardly get around 1 lac views,if you just look at the advertising income that will come from the 1 lac views it will be around 100 dollars it’s not much it’s less than 10000 rupees.

But they put a lot of effort into making the videos but they don’t get enough money,most of the people can do it for passion and a lot of people do podcasting just as a celebrity.

But you don’t do this, you just select the Niche and try to deliver the product or services to your potential customers.When you do that you will make much more revenue.

You will reinvest money back into your advertising if you have advertising on social media platforms.

Advertisers always have a big advantage when it comes to social media compared to content creators who just do it organically. You can’t remove paid advertising out of the equation and if you go and spend money on advertising then you need to have a product.

The number might change a bit ,but this gives you the hope that achieving 1 crore per year is not an impossible task,for this you are just dedicated to your work,consistency and patience.

Here you have to remember one point,building 1000 fans is not easy,you need to find your niche and it may take a few years but it’s a great career option for you.

A lot of people spend a lot of years like doctors,engineers, trying to become chartered accountant ,trying to become specific subject matter experts,you know it takes like 5 to 10 years of career to become really skilled at something,so why don’t you invest that much of time in building a tribe,nurturing a tribe,consistently put value to that tribe.

So tribe building is the definite feature of marketing.so you can build your own tribe.

If you want to become a creator and want to earn 10000000/- rupees per year then you have to understand the following strategy.

Your subscribers and fan followers are free.

In the first level you go and sell some product for just 100/- rupees,it’s like a tripwire.here you want to convert your fans and followers to your customers.while they pay the money they also convince themselves that you are the right choice to go with.So it’s important to go transaction because without the transaction there is no commitment.

If somebody they just followed you on twitter,Instagram or just go and subscribe to your YouTube channel then they are not really serious because in feature they unsubscribe or they might not care about it.

But if they paid you money then you have much much control over them.

In the 2nd level you have 1000 rupees product and if you sell that 1000 rupees product to 10000 people then your revenue is 10000000/-. 

Here if you convert 10% of customers from 1st level to 2nd level it’s going to be pretty easy and realistic.

In 3rd level  1000 buyers  who pay you 10000/- rupees for your product which is much more realistic here you will make again 10000000/- revenue.

In the 10000/- rupee level you have true customers,in 1000/- rupees level you have happy customers and 100/-rupees level you have testing buyers.In the free level the people just look at you but they are not  sure about you.

If the people who pay the money 100000/- for your product then they are the super fans and you need just 100 people to make your revenue  10000000/-.

When you look at it, you realize that 10000000/-is not very far away and it will be achievable in the next 4-5 years or  very sooner.

According to the above strategy you  have to design your profit funnel.


  • Stage-1(Rs:100/-):

In stage 1 you have to sell products like eBook,Live webinar,Template,Worksheet,Calculator,Report,White-papers.

  • Stage-2(Rs:1000/-):

In stage 2 you have to sell Mini-course,Printed Book,Theme,Paid Newsletter, online Forum / Group Access.

  • Stage-3(Rs:10000/-):

In stage 3 you have to sell in depth courses, access to a premium mastermind community,regular live webinar with Q/A,and leveraged support through your team or partners.(according to education business)

If your business is software or something else then you can apply the same strategy.

  • Stage-4(Rs:100000/-):

Here you provide services, 1 to 1 consulting, done for your packages,access to a mastermind community with direct access to you,offline events.

This is how you have to design your funnel.

Before you sell mastermind kind of products to your customer first you have to build your brand to that level.



Your tribe and network will give you feedback on your product and also you will get new product ideas from your tribe.

If you create a new product you sell that product into your tribe before spending a single rupee on advertising.

Your tribe will support you,give you review,promote your products and service as an affiliate and spread the word about you.

Your tribe will come to visit you if you conduct meets up and events. Your tribe just comes to visit you,get a selfie or get an autograph from you and they will post it on their social media and that’s how your influence will grow and that’s how you will get 1000 true fans.

Initially you have 3 or 5 fans but you don’t ignore those fans you just add value to them and you have to nurture them well.

For the first year first month try to build 100 true fans who are interested in buying your products and taking services from you and upcoming each month try to increase 5% of true fans.

Like  that next 3 years you will get almost 500 true fans. If they purchase your stage-3 products then you earn almost 5000000/- Rupees,  that means your monthly earning will be 416667/- Rupees.

Then 4th year your fan will be 1000 within 1 year your fan base will be double  that’s the magic of the compounding.at that time you will be able to make 10000000/- per year and your monthly earning will be 833333/_ rupees.

So like this your true fans will constantly increase. After 10 year your true fans will be 30000 through the magic of compounding, so it will help you to make 300000000/_ rupees of revenue/ and monthly earning at that stage it’s 25000000/_rupees.

If you reach the final stage then you will become in top 100 startups in india.

I hope this will help you to get a clear idea about how to grow your business.



Every tribe,every club and every country has its own culture.you are the leader of the tribe and you need to set the tone for the tribe.

Whenever you start to build your tribe then you need to set the culture for the tribe and make sure that every member in the tribe is in the right mindset and they are action oriented to get the result.

In your tribe celebrate the success – appreciate the people who get the result and do not pull down the people who give a  try and fail.

We believe that wealth creation is important to live a good quality life,and to make the world a better place.Try to set this culture to your tribe.

You need to create your culture based on your niche,your audience,your tribe.it’s not clear on the very first time but it will evolve over time .it will like an energy or vibes.

BUILDING YOUR TRIBE:digitalprashantk.com

Keep it in mind your tribe starts with you,your persona is important,you need to inspire others.you are just like the central Hub of the entire tribe.

Until you will get your first 100 true fans you don’t worry about technology.

Here your Email list will be the power of your tribe.

Invite people for a zoom call and let people interact with each other.

Let them publish articles on your blog and then others can comment on the blog.

You can get everyone on  whats app group,telegram group and Facebook group.

You can use a mighty network to create your own social network on your domain name.


Make use of social media websites but do not build your tribe on some other platform.

If you have a strong funnel and tribe then you will have enough revenue to run paid ads.

instead of expecting to make free posts on social media channels and depending on the platform to give you more reach,just pay them to give you the reach you want.



Each channel has techniques and strategy that will help you get better traction.   

Techniques like hashtag,keywords,social media tools etc have a very short period of life.

Tactics will die,strategy will not.the audience and message are important,not the channel.


Many “top influences” who keep posting content  on social media platforms without having product or service in the funnel have no means of making money from their celebrity status.

On you tube you will get approximately $1 for every 1000 views ,that’s $1000 for million views. It’s not worth it.



The biggest challenge with social media channels is that you need to post consistently or your reach will go down.

Most of the people looking for content on social media are looking for entertainment.they are not serious buyers.

Pull them out of a channel and build your tribe privately.If you have a domain name and website,you can compete with Face Book.

Instead create timeless content in a sequence and automate the delivery using a drip marketing campaign.

Instead of posting new content on social media platforms,just do a webinar for your tribe and network once in a week,ask them to post their reaction on your social media channels.



If you want to get the result for a brand you should build a community,build a tribe and network for the brand.

Being different is the only way to compete.

So ya that’s it,i know it’s a very lengthy article and i almost take 20 days to make it.i find a lot of information from different platforms and also i get lots of information from digitaldeepak.com website also.

I learn a lot of things from my mentor Deepak Kanakaraju, whatever I learn from him I just mention in this article. 

I hope this article will give you a very clear idea about how to utilize the social media platforms and how to build our own community.

I know its long term strategy but if you apply it in your own business I guarantee that it will help you for a longer period of time.

“Don’t think about the result so early… just take action…” it will grow your business as well as your lifestyle.

Any way read the article and give your feedback it will boost my energy to write new article like this

Thank you 

























Importance of Content Marketing

The importance of Content marketing 

Importance  of content  marketing:

Today content can play a vital role in social media. if your content is not up to the mark then you loss very big scale of potential customers.So in this article we discussed about the importance of the content marketing and we also discussed about what kind of strategy we can used in content marketing.If you understand the importance of content marketing then you are able to use effectively the digital platform.

If you want to know depth of content marketing importance then  go through the entire article…

importance of content marketing


Before we go in depth, First you understand the meaning of content marketing,

What is content marketing?

” content marketing is nothing but a strategic marketing approach which will mainly focus on creating most important and valuable content and distribute it to  the particular targeted audience”.

I hope you can understand the meaning of content marketing.we move for further discussion,

As you know content is one of the major parts of digital marketing.without content we are not able to promote our business.content can create one of the strong foundations for your business.

But most of the people don’t understand the strategy of the content creation,for better understand i given my friend link where you will get ultimate guide of content creation strategy   the link is digitaltrendsblog.com.


As you know, the internet is a powerful tool. If your content is effective and outstanding then it will reach millions of peoples in the world.

When i say something about content on a digital platform it means content is like a water bottle and we can use it for different purposes.But before that you have to invest some valuable time for it and create very effective content which is very important.

So If you want to become pro content writer you should visit divyasblog.in

Evergreen content, are you heard about this? Evergreen content is that kind of content where the value of that content will not lose for a long period of time.

if you want to know more about digital marketing evergreen content click here

This kind of content always helps you to get traffic for your website and at the same time it will help you to impress the targeted audience. 

But for that you should work like smarter…

Hey are you heard about salma jafri quote “create less,promote more”,The essence of this quote is instead of work hard, better work smarter. the same theory you should apply here.

For that you should  understand the audience mentality  and think like audience point of view…

Importance of content marketing

Audience absorbs information differently:

importance of content marketing

Every person sees the surrounding world in a different point of view. The same thing we see on online platforms also.

Some one will provide  better information through their blog article but some one will give small snippet information for their audience.

So re purposing your content with other platforms so you will get potential audience from those platforms.

Re purpose content is nothing but the duplicate content instead of that just freshens the existing content and gives a new angle or fresh opinion about present topics.

According to the research there is 29% of content in online it’s duplicate content.so search engines have the right to penalize  your website but only if your content contains a huge number of  plagiarized copy that can be used in a manipulative manner.

So re purposing content is trying to increase the awareness of your brand and that means you are not violating any guidelines.

I hope you understand it…Then we move further and understand how content marketing will help you in many aspects.For that first we find the answer for the below questions like,

How Content marketing helps for business or services? 

In the above question there are some sub questions, so i will give you some valuable answers for those..

How content marketing is importance for solves traffic problems?

importance of content marketing

Most of the content writers worry a little bit about the traffic.For that problem better solution is content marketing.

 A well researched and well written content will  help you to improve the ranking in search results.if your content is high quality then it will attract the back links and it will improve the search engine ranking.

If you want to know basics of SEO please visit my friend site their you will get useful information here their is link svnzone.com

write ,publish and promote a lot more blog posts and articles.don’t worry about the traffic,Content attracts the traffic.

 How content marketing importance for Lead generation?

importance of content marketing

Lead generation is one of the important aspects of any business. It may be B 2 B or it may be B 2 C business.

If you are selling low quality of product/service or you sell low cost products or services then I don’t think you may require lead generation.

If you are interested in increasing your lead then content marketing will help you for it.

Right lead magnet will help you to increase your visitors and it will help you to increase the conversion rate also. So good content is one of the best lead magnets.

If your content is more informative and valuable then customers easily provide you their contact information.They trust on your product or services.

If you want to know how to build trust on your audience then please visit webcypher.in

You can create eBooks,small videos,checklists,webinars for the audience which will help you to increase your leads.

How content marketing is importance for Audience Engagement?

importance of content marketing

If you are creating a good customer avatar and you know what the audience expects from you. A quality content that will always help readers to engage with your article’s.

Your audience reads your article because your article helps them to solve the problem and also they get more valuable information from your content. If they are paying attention to your article then they are a more valuable audience and they are ready to pay money for your services.

Content is a more important factor for audience attention and audience attention can play a key role in marketing.


How content marketing importance for increase the conversion rates?

If your landing page doesn’t give you valuable conversion, If your conversion rate is not up to the mark then content marketing will help you to overcome that problem.

For that first you have to understand what kind of problems your audience is facing and try to give them valuable solutions. For this your conversion rates will go up.

How content marketing will help you to build a brand?

importance of content marketing

Content marketing is one of the best fields where you can build your brand.For that you focus on your content that will help your audience to solve their problems.For that your audience will  trusts your services or products.

As we  see above, how content marketing will help you to grow your business effectively but that affects not only for your business but it will also have a positive impact on your professional life.

You can become a content marketer and you can build your own brand in that field.


Are you interested in building your career as content marketer!

Then go ahead,Because there is huge demand for content writers and content marketer in companies and businesses. 


As a content marketer, how is your feature?

This kind of question will arise in your mind right,but don’t worry, before 200 years ago content can play a very important role. Now also content can play a very important role,only the format of the content will be changed.

So don’t bother about your career as content marketer.Let’s go a little bit deeper and understand the content marketing more effectively…

As we know without any strategy, success or failure is just by luck.and whatever you take risk behind the scene is totally waste.But most of the people don’t know what kind of content marketing strategy will work effectively?

Most of the people want to know about what kind of content marketing  strategy helps to grow the business. So in this article we discussed it.

Important steps to create content marketing strategy:


Step 1: First set your mission and goals:

importance of content marketing

For content marketing strategy first you want to create a mission statement. This statement will help you what is important and what is not important, based on that you can easily track content marketing strategy.A mission statement will provide you standard track for your content marketing strategy.

That mission statement contains 1) targeted audience, 2) your content, and 3) the benefit they will get from your content.

In a content marketing mission statement you will define the targeted audience,here you will  highlight the benefits of your content and also you will highlight the coverage of your content.

In a mission statement you think about what your targeted audience gets from your content marketing strategy at the same time you think about what your business gets from it.

 At this particular time you think about your business goals.some of the typical goals are

  • improving revenue as a result of content marketing strategy. 
  • improve your sales and getting quality leads that will help you to reach your revenue goals.
  • getting more traffic to your websites, when traffic is very high then there’s more possibilities to achieve more goals.
  • S E O success which will help you for more traffic.

If you want to know more about S E O then visit thetraditionallifestyle.com

Step 2: Know your audience:

To become a good content marketing strategy you have to understand who your target audience is very clearly.based on that you can create right content for them.

Here you will use demographic data.for that you first collect demographic data on your visitors,subscribers and social media followers.Web analytics, social media analytics, email subscriber analytics will give you standard demographic data.

Age , gender ,education , income are important demographic data you collect from your audience.

So i hope you got a clear idea about content marketing strategy.

For using this strategy are you become better content marketer? my Answer is NO…

For That you have to understand  some certain skills which i mentioned below just go through it…

How to become a better content marketer?

   This is one of the most important and common doubts in every one. For that, 7 serious skills is very important.


1)For good content marketer  you should be passionate about your Niche:

Passion is one of the important things where you can not make it fake.most of the time this passion will help you to create wonderful content, at the same time it will break your content.

When you are passionate about your niche,then your audience will start to feel what you feel and they will start to believe what you believe. So it will build a strong relation between you and your audience.

2)For good content marketer you should become an expert editor:

For better content marketer first you should become a better editor. If you create any content for a blog post first you understand how your reader consumes that content from the online.Based on that you will start editing the content.

After completing the creation of content you better try to read it and search if there are any opportunities to a

dd fresh content like images, subheading or break up paragraphs.

3)For good content marketer you should become good researcher:

As a content marketer if you want to provide valuable information to your target audience then you should become a very good researcher.

These research will help you to put more value to your content and it will attract your audience as well.

If you want to know how to write effective content? then you should click here you go to my another article where you will bit knowledge about content creation.

4)For a good content marketer you will have good knowledge about S E O and inbound.

importance of content marketing

importance of content marketing

To ensure your content is found and get higher rank in S E R P, for that you better understand the Search Engine Optimization S E O and inbound marketing.

Here you will need to learn how to write the meta description and meta tags and understand the importance of heading ,subheading and unique URL.

Always remember you are  writing for the people not for search engine optimization.for that you always give first importance to the audience.

5)For good content marketer you should have better knowledge about social media platform:

importance of content marketing

Being a better content marketer it’s not all about creating effective and killer content. At the same time you should learn about how your content will effectively be distributed to your customer avatar is also important. For that you should better understand the social media platform deeply.

You should learn how to promote your posts, presentations and videos in social media platforms.

In social media you should always monitor online conversation in real time and respond to your audience in a timely and effective manner.

These are the few points which will help you to become a very good content marketer…

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) what people want to know and i will explain it in short as below…

importance of content marketing

What is content Marketing?(importance of content marketing)

Content marketing is one of the marketing strategies where you will create more valuable and effective content of your product or services and you should distribute it to the targeted audience and ultimately, to drive  profitable customer action.

Does content marketing work?(importance of content marketing)

Of course! If you don’t have any content then how should you promote your product or services.so content can play a crucial part in your business.

How content marketing helps address our target audience throughout the customer purchase journey?(importance of content marketing)

The main point of this question is how content should be used. Here content will maintain the positive feeling about your product or services in your audiences. It will strengthen your customer lifetime value.

 How can I use  content marketing to increase the brand?(importance of content marketing)

Definitely you can use content marketing to increase your brand. For that first you can make sure of the quality of the content you provide to your audience. Based on that you can create your own brand.

How does content marketing drive revenues?(importance of content marketing)

According to the researcher content marketing R O I is much more effective as compared to the average marketing R O I.So there is no doubt about content marketing is one of the best tools to drive revenue to your  business or services.

 How much is it going to cost?(importance of content marketing)

Most of the marketers who have little experience in content marketing think that creating content is too expensive for their company.

But  the reality they don’t know, reality is whatever they pay for content creation more than that they earn from that valuable content.

As a content marketer what kind of goal will I set?(importance of content marketing)

The goal of the content marketer is very simple, first you build your brand awareness by personalizing your brand. You can increase traffic  to your website by using S E O friendly keywords.

I hope you will get a lot of information regarding Content Marketing…

If you want to learn more about digital Marketing or related topics please visit digitaldeepak.com where you will get effective information…


I  hope you can understand how much important role content marketing can play in business or marketing or services. If your content is good then you can easily convince your customer avatar for your product or services.

 Content should be considered the king of Digital marketing.

Finally if you want to learn more about digital marketing keep visiting my website.

So wait for next beautiful and informative article,until than take care 





Top free content creation tools


Hey! are you worried about creating the content, I think from this article you get some valuable information and tools for creating the content.Here we discussed top free content creation tools.

As you know, creating content is one of the crucial parts for bloggers, marketers, and writers because it will provide value to the users.

For a beginner, it’s just like very difficult work and they have a lot of confusion about where to start.

top free content creation tools


As a writer it’s really very important to write high-quality content.based on your quality of content people will love to read and share your article.

That means before you move to create the content first you have to be well researched on the particular topic, try to understand it properly, and based on that you can create the content which is helpful for your readers to easily understand it.

But it’s really difficult to constantly search for new ideas and deliver great content to the reader.

To overcome this kind of problem there are so many content writing tools available that will help you to create the quality of the content.

Content creation is very much important in digital marketing which we called it as content marketing if you want to know about content marketing please click here their is another separate article which will provide depth knowledge of content marketing

In this article, I will explain different kinds of top free tools that will help you for creating the content.

1. 750words.com:(top free content creation tools)

750words.com is one of the online content writing tools which will encourage you to write more regularly.

These tools tell you to write 750 words per day and this tool appreciates your writing efforts with the points.

This tool helps you to enhance the writing skills at the same time it will enhance the quality of the life.

2.A Soft murmur.com:(top free content creation tools)

Most of the writers listen to soft music when they are writing. this tool will help them concentrate and write more effectively.

If you are one of those writers then you definitely check out the soft ambient sound by the soft murmur tool.This will help you to keep away from distractions.

3.calmlywriter:(top free content creation tools)

It’s another tool for distraction-free writing, calmly writing helps you focus.

With easy formatting and autosave options, it makes the writing process easier.

4.Cliche finder:(top free content creation tools)

This is one of the best content writing tools which will help you to enhance the quality of the content.

This tool checks your writing, highlighted cliches, and tells you in which line you need to do some adjustments. 

This is a simple tool with minimal design but it will analyze your text to remove cliches and cover your message efficiently.

5. Co schedule headline analyzer.com:(top free content creation tools)

In blog-sphere headlines can play a very important role and it will attract the people to come and read your post.

Co schedule the headline analyzer tool will help you to write powerful headlines.

It will analyze your headline based on type, word balance, use of emotional and power words.

You can optimize your headline to drive more traffic and shares.

6.Hemingway editor.com:(top free content creation tools)

The Hemingway app helps you to refine your writing.

This app highlights lengthy, complex, and hard to read sentences, asking you to shorten them.

It provides suggestions to replace difficult words and phrases with a simpler ones.

You can edit your content to improve readability and also improve your writing style over time.

7. Grammarly.com:(top free content creation tools)

Grammarly is one of the best content writing tools for mistake-free writing.

It checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your articles.

It also provides insight about word count, reading time, readability score of your content.

8. Ideaflip.com:(top free content creation tools)

This is one of the best tools to work on new content ideas with your team of writers and editors.

This tool helps you to compose, collect, and clarify your ideas in an easier way.

This tool helps you to discuss your ideas with others, share references, and work together to create great content.

9.Ilys.com:(top free content creation tools)

It’s one of the weirdest content writing tools available online.

This tool restricts your inner editor and focuses only on the creative part for the time being.

You can do with Ilys is just write, you cannot go back, you cannot edit and even you cannot see what you have typed until you finish your word count goal.

After finishing your writing, you can edit your content the way you want.

This tool writing and editing process happen separately so it will help you to grow your quality of the content and write faster.


10.Read-o-meter:(top free content creation tools) 

This tool allows you to determine the time it would take people to read your article.

Using this tool you can tell your readers how much time it will take them to read your blog post.

11.one-tab.com:(top free content creation tools)

One tab.com is one of the best tools which will help you to convert all your tabs into a list. You can access any of this with just a click.

It will also speed up your laptop by saving up to 95% of its memory usage. 

It will also allow you to share your tabs with others. That means share your research with other writers…

12.Portent’s content idea generator:(top free content creation tools)

This is another standard content writer tool, It will help you to come up with titles for your future posts.

Some titles it suggests can be funny and not appropriate, But it is still a great tool to help your creativity.

 I am damn sure it will help you to generate attractive titles for your blog post.

13.Power Thesaurus:(top free content creation tools)

Sometimes you want to say something to your audience but you don’t get the right words in your mind. This tool will help you in such a situation.

When you search for a word in Power Thesaurus, It provides you with a lot of related information.

Here you can look for synonyms, antonyms, and meanings of words with appropriate examples…

You can also select whether you are looking for verbs, nouns, or idioms…

14.ProwritingAid:(top free content creation tools)

This tool is just like an all in one content writing tool that helps you to take your writing capability to the next level.

This tool checks your content for readability, word choices, and writing style issues. It helps you write content that is grammatically correct.

This tool compares your content with the best writing and helps you to improve further.

15.Reedsy:(top free content creation tools)

This tool will allow you to find Rhymes, poems, similar sounding words, and quotations. These can make it easier for you to compose a poetic piece of content.

It also helps you to find synonyms, antonyms, adjectives, phrases related to the word which you search for.

When you can not figure out the right words to express your thoughts at that time this tool will play its role.

16. TextExpander:

This tool helps you to amplify day to day activity.

This tool allows you to instantly insert snippets such as emails and images while you are typing.

From this tool, you can save a lot of time and also avoid typos and copy/paste errors.

You can use this tool to improve productivity by typing in a smarter way.


As the name itself indicates it’s one of the most dangerous content writing tools present in the market.

This app warns you don’t stop typing, else all your progress will be lost.

The main aim is get you in a flow, this app demands you to type constantly. If you stop typing for more than 5 seconds, you will lose everything you have typed.


This is quite an amazing content writing tools that will always help writers who want to improve their command of the English language.

It will provide a more trusted collection of more than millions of synonyms and antonyms.


This tool helps you to capitalize on your title and headlines for different publications.

Whether you are writing blog posts or magazine articles, it’s important to get your title right.

This tool automatically capitalized on your blog title, news headlines, or another title in AP style, APA style, or Chicago style.


20.TweakyourBiz’s title generator:

This tool helps you to create good titles for your blog posts.

A good title helps you drive more traffic, engagement, read, and shares.



This tool allows you to check your spelling in over 78 languages.

All you need to do is paste your text in their box and the tool will find out all the spelling errors in your content.

This tool also has a dictionary and thesaurus that you can use to sharpen your vocabulary and content.


This tool helps you to write more efficiently.

It allows you to save versions of your content and also helps you to restore to the previous one at any time.

From this tool, you can also collaborate with other writers and editors in real-time.


It’s one of the ideal distraction-free writing apps for Mac,iPad, and iPhone.

With a clean interface and an excellent selection of distraction modes, it helps you write more.

You can set writing goals, track progress, organize your content, and publish directly to WordPress.

Write from anywhere, anytime as your content library automatically syncs between all connected devices through iCloud.You can always continue where you left off.

It’s a perfect app for those who believe in the “less is more” theory.


This tool allows you to check your content for duplication issues.

This tool allows you to highlight lines and paragraphs that there is a plagiarism issue and gives you a list of matching sources.



In content writing, Research is one of the most important and time-consuming activities.

This tool helps you research efficiently.

In this tool, you can collect all the research content in one place and highlight what’s important and then add notes.

These tools are highly helpful for those who work on the extensively curative research papers.



This tool helps you to check the readability of your content.

You can either input the already published article URL or copy-paste the entire text directly.

This tool analyzes how readable your content is, based on this you can enhance the readability of the content.



This tool helps you keep the distraction away.

This tool provides a minimalist writing zone where you can focus only on writing.

And it supports basic formatting options such as bold, italic, link, and quotes.



Whatever I mentioned above tools, those will help you to make the content writing process easier.

Some of those tools help you topic research and some tools help you quality check and based on this you can save a lot of your time.

Using these tools you easily focus on the quality of the content.

I hope some of those tools are exactly what you are looking for.

If you know some other tools helpful for writers let me know in the comment section.

Thank you,


How to write effective content in blogs?

 ”if you can’t make good, at least make it look good”                                           -Bill Gates

There is no connection with the content of your blog and Bill Gates. There are some people who know Bill Gates as ‘world’s richest man ‘and at the same time there are some people who know him as ‘founder of Microsoft’.

But apart from his personality, you let’s concentrate on his quote… This looks like a self-explanatory right.

On earth no one has a creative, only god be a creator….because everyone follows someone’s ideas and puts some of their own thoughts, ideas and assembles it and publishes it like a new product or article it may be…

Let’s go through the above quote

”if you can’t make good”

There are two possibilities for can’t producing good content. The first one may be a time, another thing it may literally suck at writing.

“at least make it look good”

If you can’t make your content good then try to make it look good.

As you see a great advertising campaign always comes up with a great tagline, but in the blogosphere tagline is nothing but your headline. You can make your visitor go crazy just with the power of your headline.

It means giving an awesome headline.

Headlines of your article always make the first impression on visitors’ minds. As we know, the first impression is the best impression, the same thing will be applicable here.

If the headline is good then definitely content to be good. That is the mindset of all the visitors.

That’s not mean that you totally neglect the content.

Successful bloggers don’t do hard work, they do smart work. So don’t be ashamed by copying the ideas of others, and it’s one of the greatest realities of the blogosphere.

But copying does not mean copying the entire text, It means analyzing their style and structure of writing an article, and then you have to consume it, apply it and then implement it in your own way and then see the result.

Because content can play a very crucial role in your blog and search engine optimization. If your content is not up to the mark then no one can read your article and you aren’t able to give wealth full information to your audience.

And it will not help you to build trust in the audience.

Then how to write effective content?

This question will have arisen in everyone’s mind.

The written word is the most powerful. Because it will reach people more effectively.

And for that, you don’t need to be convinced why the word is so powerful.

As we know every good writer does not come up with born writing skills they learned it themselves or they learned it from their mentor.

So you are also becoming a good writer.

You will try to write like you talk that makes you more unique.

Most of the people face problems in writing because they don’t write as they talk.

In writing, we try to make the attention of our audience and get more traffic with help of quality content.

If you are a digital marketer or grow your career in content writing then try to avoid complex words in your article because you’re not shown any communication skills here,

you just try to reach your articles to the audience in a very simple and effective manner.

If you are reading this blog that’s not mean that I am telling something random,

The post title “How to write the effective content in your blog?” this question is already in your mind, and you are thinking about that already.

Based on that I just go through in your mind using my words.

I got your attention from my article or words.

Know and understand your audience.

If you know and understand your audience then how are you going to know what’s going on in their mind?

So good talking is always a good conversation.

There are two ways communication is very important.

No just talking one way. Because this is not useful.

So let them talk and listen to them, when you listen more you know them better.

Once you understand them better, then there is no problem in a conversation with them.

This kind of understanding comes with better conversation and that conversation may be from email, meetings, webinars, surveys, anything.

Finally, this conversation helps you to write better content.

Better try to avoid one-way communication and adapt two-way communication which will help you to become a   better and effective content writer.

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Prashant Kumar.




Welcome to the digitalprashantk blog. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what this blog is all about.

Presently I am working in a telecom company as a Project Engineer and almost 5 to 6 years of work experience in this field. Almost 7 to 8 months I follow the Deepak sir blog, which will motivate me to take the action, and one good day I enrolled in the Digital Deepak internship program That’s the Batch 4 internship program. Here I get a lot more extra information from digital marketing, still, this program is going on. But a short period of time I learn a lot of things from that program and now I get a lot of confidence in those fields.

Each and Every assignment that they provide to us will analyze ourself and at the same time, it will motivate us to take action. That’s the main point where I would go on to build this website.

In this blog, I would try my level best to explore what I have learned from  Deepak sir and other mentors of pixel tracks.

after all,  life has much more to offer than working for someone living paycheck to pay back, just like Deepak sir.

That’s why I want to share everything I was learning about digital marketing and I want to share my experience with a newbie in digital marketing.

Ya, I knew it was not an easy task for me but if your mentors are good, and if you are working hard then nothing is impossible.

My Venture:

I want to give qualitative content to my user and help individuals around the globe to learn digital marketing. like Rome was not built in a day like the same it will take some time. But one day I will reach that goal.

Anyway, that’s enough information I will provide now…

In the feature, I will post articles which will be related to digital marketing your support is very important,  please give me feedback in the comment section, which will help me to improve myself.